Sunday, 24 November 2013

What we know as facts about Guy Lacombe and his ex company BackStage Montreal

What we know as facts about Guy Lacombe and his ex company BackStage Montreal.
NEW FACT: Guy Lacombe has stolen 1000s of dollars from a woman who worked for him for months. He used her good name, her house and as time went on, became abusive to her, never paid her, ran up her bills and stole all her and her father's money. The police now want him. As we suspected, Guy is a very bad man and needed stopping. PLEASE share this everywhere. Surely the time for staying quiet has stopped.
The woman's name is Monique & people who spoke with her always told me she sounds like a kind woman. I can confirm that she is. I spoke with her today. She is also now broke and devastated!
BSM present themselves as a promotion, management and booking agency. Guy recently started with a record label. They also pretend to have a merchandising company. Their rate is 299 US$/month for promotion (but that seems to vary depending on who they are dealing with).
Starting out very friendly, but only on Facebook. They systematically contacted many bands signed with Melodic Revolution Records and promised them major tours in 2014 and CD distribution through Quebecor. They convinced everyone that BSM was a dream come true. 

This is what really happened: BSM pretended to be a very big company with more than 15 employees. Not true. BSM only has Guy Lacombe. He relies on volunteers to do the work. All these volunteers worked for them for the love of music, to help the BSM artists. The longer you work for them, the more demanding they become.

Bertrand Pourcheron, an longstanding employee for Musea Records, journalist and reviewer, worked a few months for them from 9am till ... 3am! We know that Guy behaved in the most evil fashion with Bertrand. Musea records themselves, said this: We had only distribution proposal from him when asked for some details and we never get any answer (although it was very simple questions such as his price policy), so we rapidly concluded that he was a mythoman

Yolanda Flaming of band Murky Red was asked to build them a website. She's a graphic designer, so she provided them with a total new corporate identity (such as a new logo etc...) and a brand new website. This work is worth thousands of dollars. BSM promised to promote Murky Red and also promised us a tour in Canada and the USA. They offered us to do this for free, because Murky Red was so outstanding. He also said he would pay her from October 1st. October arrived and Guy dropped Murky Red and cut off all contact with Yolanda. No explanation has ever been given BUT he has told others that he has lawyers working for him who will "be knocking on her door soon"
Total value of work done: Website + web updates is about $4,500 US, other graphic work is about $1,500 US, corporate identity such as his logos: at least $1,000 US.

Corvus Stone sent him more than 120 CDs as he told them he had a "deal" for mass exposure, radio, even TV ads and placing in all CD outlets in Canada and USA. Weeks later, he had not even opened the box of CDs. So he had us for about $2000 us and he didn't pay tax on import.
He told us that Quebecor wants both bands that I am in.. Corvus Stone and Oceans 5 as we are so good. 

We know that bands pay him monthly for promotion. There is none. he posts things on FB and that is all.
We know he has done similar things with other bands. From the moment that you confront him with his lies, he dumps you.
When the volunteers asked for less workload and reasonable hours, he starts to threaten you. He did that with lots of volunteers.
Everybody involved with BSM has been contacted: artists, bands, volunteers, contacts, etc.. Many told the same story.
The common thread is that he NEVER shows any proof he did anything. Not even one thing that he promised.
He is invisible on Google and that is because "Oh we are too big for that"!

Guy Lacombe also claims to have a masters degree in international marketing.
We have all this and much more in writing from Guy Lacombe of course.

This is a fraction of what we know already and this is all being passed to the Police PDQ 49
Montréal (QC) H1B 4A4
Telephone: (514) 280-0149
(already started),
Canadian revenue authorities (also started)
Quebecor are being alerted that Guy Lacombe was using their name in fraudulant activities.

All we can hope is that GUY LACOMBE will be stopped from wrecking the future for innocent people any more.
Almost all of his helpers and bands have now left him or been dropped.
He shut his website in panic, as it was full of lies.
He blocks anyone on Facebook from saying anything, so his remaining friends won't find out.
We have no idea if he is running away or just completely unaware that crimes cannot go on.
BackstageMontreal on Facebook
This page is one of the places you are welcome to add any information about Guy lacombe and Backstage Montreal.
He gives out various addresses but none of them seem to be his own! All in Oka Montreal
CAN: 1-450-415-0773 (514) 642-4262 , 450-415-0802
, U.S. 1-607-595-4138, mobile SMS 514-214-9901